Zimperium: Innovation Showcase Alumni Series

Author: Derek Kerton, Managing Partner at Kerton Group and Chairman of Telecom Council

showcase alumni zimperiumThe Telecom Council’s Innovation Showcase is a powerful tool for startups ready to present, and meet face-to-face, with carriers to discuss the possibility of partnerships. We’ve been doing the Showcase for a few years, and have a number of success stories and enthusiastic references from both the network operators and the startups alike. The Showcase is structured as a demo table for walk-up exhibits, as well as scheduled 1-on-1 sit down meetings with multiple major operators from around the world, giving startups the chance to pitch globally, without having to travel to dozens of countries. The carriers get faster exposure to some well-screened startups that will help their business.

Of course, the idea is only as good as the results it generates. Just two years after making the cut at the 2015 Innovation Showcase, we caught up with one of our Showcase alumni, Zimperium, to find out what kinds of results they generated from the event, and how they’ve grown since. Zimperium is now a globally-recognized mobile security leader, and has developed its pre-Showcase beginnings with Telstra (Australia) to deployments with Softbank, SmarTone in Hong Kong, Telefónica, Bharti Airtel, and KPN.

In speaking with Zuk Avraham, Zimperium’s Founder, Chairman and CTO, Zuk recalls how he’s enjoyed a lot of progress with the carriers following the 1:1 meetings at the Showcase. Although Zuk points out that no deals came immediately after the Showcase, some of the engagements there did bear fruit. Zuk booked multiple follow-up carrier meetings in the subsequent weeks. Zimperium also leveraged the prestige and credibility of being selected for the Showcase in their standard pitch deck in the year of the event!  Since the Showcase, the company has almost tripled in size with a steadily growing revenue, and is considering IPO in 2018-19.  Two years on, they are continuing conversations with many of the multiple carriers they met with at the Innovation Showcase, and Zuk says “Even the conversations with the carriers that didn’t make deals with us were worthwhile. We got valuable feedback, and sometimes the actual deal is just a matter of being in touch when the timing is right.”

Zimperium is a great example of Showcase companies, and the effectiveness of the event. Their product was in demand, they connected with the market, and are now generating useful solutions for end users, and creating value for the founders.

See more at https://www.zimperium.com/

Get more info on the Showcase at: https://www.telecomcouncil.com/innovation-showcase/

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