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ces2015Join us in Las Vegas for CES 2015.  The Telecom Council has a panel on investing in broadband at the Broadband Conference on January 5th. Also, don’t miss these Telecom Council member exhibits (including HTC, InterDigital, Samsung, TomTom, and 25 more) at CES 2015, January 6 – 9.

For those Telecom Council members who are unable to make it to the show this year, attend the Debrief on CES 2015 on January 16th at Silicon Valley Bank. Hear fellow members share what they learned, what they saw, and their opinions of the products and companies that made an impression on them.



Telecom Council Panel:

Investing in Broadband: From Startups to Telcos

3:30-4:30 PM January 5

Broadband Conference: LVCC, North Hall, Room N256

Broadband networks are benefiting from a surge in investment and innovation. This panel includes a venture capitalist who funds startups, both a fixed and wireless telco who invest in technologies and innovation, and a young company set to revolutionize networks.

CES2015 Broadband panel



Israeli Innovation @ CES – Dessert & Drinks:

8:30-10:30 PM January 5

Venetian Hotel, Canaletto Restaurant, Murano Private Room (3355 S Las Vegas Blvd.)

The Government of Israel, Landmark Ventures, The Israel Conference, and Bank Leumi invite members of the Telecom Council to join us for  dessert, drinks, and mingling at The Venetian Hotel. Meet the companies that are part of the official Israel Delegation to CES while satisfying your sweet tooth. Also in attendance will be prominent executives including leading CEOs, Corporate Executives & Board Members, Venture Capital & Private Equity Investors, Government Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and M&A professionals looking for strategic partnership, investments and acquisition opportunities.


Telecom Council Member Participation:

Below are the Telecom Council members to keep an eye out for at CES 2015. For more information about CES, its sessions, and its exhibitors, please click HERE.

Company Name Booth(s)
ARM MP25256
Chrysler 715
Cisco Wynn Encore Hospitality Suites
Ericsson 10433, S211, S213, S214
HTC America Bellini 2103
Huawei 30321
Imagination Technologies S215, S216
InterDigital Venetian Palazzo Hospitality Suites
Israel Economic Mission Eureka Park, #75683
KOTRA 45008, 26902
LG Electronics 8204, N235, N237, N239, N241, N240, N242
Logitech Veronese 2501B, Veronese 2502, Veronese 2503, Venetian Palazzo Hospitality Suites
Marvell Semiconductor Murano 3304, Murano 3305, Murano 3306
MediaTek Toscana 3604, Toscana 3605,
Toscana 3606, Toscana 3607,
Toscana 3608, Toscana 3609, Toscana 3610
MHL 21466
NVIDIA 30307
Qualcomm Technologies CP21a, 26220
Quantenna Communications Venetian Palazzo Hospitality Suites
Samsung Electronics N106, 11906, 11929, 12429, N203,
N204, N205, N206, N207, N208,
N209, N210, N211, N212, N213,
N214, N215, N216, N217, N218,
N221, N222, N227, N229, N230,
N231, N233
Silicon Image MP25877
Smith Micro Software Venetian Palazzo Hospitality Suites
Sony Electronics Suite 30-111, N108, 14200
Speaktoit 70533, 75191
TomTom MP25483, MP25583
Verizon Wireless Bellini 2101B
Vodafone Americas Suite 315
Wipro Suite 2510

If you are a Telecom Council member who will be exhibiting at CES 2015 and are not listed above, please email palmer@telecomcouncil.com

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