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Meeting Debrief- Deep Dive: Cameras & Photos

Author: Telecom Council Staff The field of cameras and imagery is booming. Smartphones, selfies, drone selfies, selfie sticks, Snapchat, Instagram, photobucket, and on and on. The successful new categories of products, startups, and human activities in and around photos continue to create value for users and investors alike. So where is...


Author: Telecom Council Staff Join us in Las Vegas for CES 2015.  The Telecom Council has a panel on investing in broadband at the Broadband Conference on January 5th. Also, don’t miss these Telecom Council member exhibits (including HTC, InterDigital, Samsung, TomTom, and 25 more) at CES 2015, January 6 – 9.

What’s Hot at MWC 2014?!

Author: Telecom Council Staff Join us in Barcelona for the Telecom Council MWC Cocktail, see our partner sessions (Future of Mobile Entertainment, Produced by Dolby and Connected Car Unpanel at WIPJAM), and see the Telecom Council President, Liz Kerton, on the Panel: Streering the Automotive Industry into the Future with...