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5G coming to a zipcode near you

Thursday, customers in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento will be able to sign up for the first commercial 5G in the US, as long as they are in a qualifying zip. To read the full The Verge article, click here.

Meeting Recap: Blockchain

Author: Telecom Council Staff Blockchain is a hot technology coming out of the Fintech sector, but is increasingly interesting for telcos. Telcos are curious about how they could play a role as a service provider in Blockchain, but also how they could use it for security. Our Roundtable panel discussed...

Meeting Debrief: Deep Dive – Wearables

Author: Derek Kerton, Managing Partner of the Kerton Group and Chairman of the Telecom Council The Telecom Council’s Wearables meeting took place at Imagination Technologies, where we got a demo of the various devices that use Imagination silicon. The agenda covered a wide range of wearables, from theater goggles to...