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The Game Changer

The Game Changer

Author: Vinod Kumar, CEO at Tata Communications By now we’re all comfortable with the Internet and cloud computing, and you certainly don’t need me to tell you how important both those innovations have been. October 29th marked 45 years since the first message was sent over the Internet.  While much has...

In the Spotlight: Seven Driving Forces for Agility on a Global Scale

Author: Julie Woods-Moss, Chief Marketing Officer, CEO of Nextgen Business at Tata Communications Imagine trying to manoeuvre a Boeing 747 aircraft – then compare that to the nimble handling of a sleek two-wheel motorbike. It’s a perfect metaphor for the tougher challenges faced by larger, more established companies in trying to...

Back to the Future: Opportunities for Service Providers within the SMB Market

Author: Rosa Lear, Sr. Marketing Manager at Edgewater Networks As Edgewater Networks’ VP Marketing John Macario took his seat on the Spotlight Stage at this year’s TC3 Summit, he also took a walk down memory lane with those watching his presentation. [Click here to view the full interview.]