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RECAP: Connected Car and the Passenger Economy

Author: Telecom Council Staff On April 11, the IoT Forum co-hosted a meeting with the Autotech Council. The meeting was part “future mobility” and part “connected car/connected passenger of the future. The meeting focused on “The Passenger Economy” of autonomous vehicles. For the purposes of our meeting, the Passenger Economy...

Predicting a bright, IoT future

Is it really only 2 years since Cisco’s Maciej Kranz wrote Like it or not, the Internet of Things will change your organisation unlike anything before.  From work, to travel, to within our homes, the IoT is influencing and changing our existence. So, Happy IoT Day!  Here’s to a connected future. To...

Battery free IoT

Converting wireless signals to DC is the latest technology to come out of MIT as they search for ways to power the IoT, battery free. To read the full Network World article, click here.