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In the Spotlight: Internet of Things Growth Will Slow Until We Include Internet of Humans™

Author: John Feland, CEO and Founder of Argus Insights IoT, Internet of Things, Connected Home, Connected Car, the list of labels for the “Next Big Thing(s)” goes on for pages. But it’s missing something, a critical ingredient that mainstream tech companies have been glossing over for years, the Human. We have...

Security should be top of mind for anyone building a connected device

Author: Liat Ben-Zur, Chairman of the AllSeen Alliance and Sr. Director of Product Management & Business Development , Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc. Devices do not need to be connected to the internet, to make them “smart”. The Internet of Everything does not require that everything needs to be connected to the Internet.  

M2M is dead: long live IoT

Author: Allen Proithis, Executive VP – Solutions Group, InterDigital Solutions It was wonderful to be with you at the Telecom Council event and a big thanks to TIE for graciously agreeing to be our host. It is unfortunate that on such an exciting day that I need to share some sad and tragic...