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Telecom Council Innovation Showcaser: Bit6 – Think Beyond WebRTC to Deliver a Complete User Experience

Author: Jonathan Ha, VP Marketing at Bit6 WebRTC may be one of the hot technology buzzwords at the moment, but as adoption has swelled and new players have entered the discussion, misunderstandings about WebRTC have gained traction. Contrary to the hype, WebRTC is not poised to solve the world’s communications problems.

Tier 1 telco and vendors select startups to watch – Innovation Showcase at industry trade shows

Author: Telecom Council Staff Our member judges including companies like Verizon, HTC, Sprint, Swisscom, BT, Qualcomm, and more, filter hundreds of applications to select the most relevant, interesting technologies to be showcased on the show floor of industry trade shows – these are the companies to watch.  

Maximize Your Trade Show ROI

Author: Derek Kerton, In-house Analyst and Chairman, Telecom Council Every company strives to get maximum return on investment (ROI) for its marketing investments, but for startups it becomes a matter of survival.