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Preview for Innovation Showcase 2016

The Innovation Showcase is an innovation competition where member judges select young companies with the potential to disrupt the industry to be introduced to service providers looking for partnerships and investors looking for telecom investments. Watch the video below for more information.

Three Ways to Stop the Mobile Data Deluge – Only One is Simple and Cost Effective

Author: Andrew Lochart, VP Marketing & Products at Mobolize Addressing the mobile data deluge won’t be done exclusively in the network core. Instead, doing it at the endpoint device will become standard practice. The mobile device is the only place where network capacity can be increased and cellular connection time decreased,...

Telecom Council Innovation Showcaser: Bit6 – Think Beyond WebRTC to Deliver a Complete User Experience

Author: Jonathan Ha, VP Marketing at Bit6 WebRTC may be one of the hot technology buzzwords at the moment, but as adoption has swelled and new players have entered the discussion, misunderstandings about WebRTC have gained traction. Contrary to the hype, WebRTC is not poised to solve the world’s communications problems.