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Connected Home Wrap Up

Author: Derek Kerton, Managing Partner of Kerton Group & Chairman of Telecom Council The Telecom Council enjoyed a packed audience for our Connected Home meeting this week, hosted at Marvell’s campus in Santa Clara. To summarize the meeting with the two predominant points: Mass-market consumers are going to require security and...

Meeting Debrief- Deep Dive: Cameras & Photos

Author: Telecom Council Staff The field of cameras and imagery is booming. Smartphones, selfies, drone selfies, selfie sticks, Snapchat, Instagram, photobucket, and on and on. The successful new categories of products, startups, and human activities in and around photos continue to create value for users and investors alike. So where is...

In the Spotlight: Mobile Sensors Define Context

Author: Derek Kerton, Principal Analyst, The Kerton Group Expanding on the Telecom Council’s “Context, Sensors, & Personalization” Meeting last Thursday (4/3), industry analyst, Derek Kerton, explains that developers need to be less reliant on GPS, and build apps leveraging the sensors, platforms, and APIs built into mobile devices.