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5G security challenges and opportunities

A must-read for policymakers, Jon Metzler’s report on 5G and the associated security implications is the result of 2 years of research and interview and aims to help network operators prepar for new risk vectors opened by 5G. Jon will be hosting the 5G Executive Roundtable at this year’s TC3. ...

USPS set to deliver 5G

For a Brit who remembers BT separating from the Post Office back in the Eighties, there’s a certain sense of nostalgia as the newest in communications finds a home with the USPS. To read the full RCR Wireless News article, click here.

iPhone12 set to boost US 5G adoption

With almost 50% of smartphone users in the US carrying an iPhone in their pocket, the launch of a 5G enable iPhone would significantly increase 5G penetration. To read the full RCR Wireless News article, click here.

MEMBER NEWS: Rogers 5G network to expand to over 60 Canadian markets by year-end

Building on the company’s January roll out of 5G in downtown Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, Rogers 5G is now the largest in Canada and currently serves 20 cities and towns in Ontario, bringing consumers and businesses the very best in wireless technology to their own neighbourhoods and business parks. To read...