Meeting Debrief: Spectrum Management

Author: Jon Metzler, Bluefield Strategies

Bluefield-Strategies_BlogCarriers, equipment providers, regulators and investors gathered on March 12, 2014 to discuss opportunities and challenges in spectrum management and utilization.

140312_Spectrum Management MeetingRepresentatives of CTIA and Kelley Drye & Warren, LLP shared the Washington DC perspective, including on the broadcast incentive (600 MHz) auction, while Qualcomm gave its view on how to meet what it calls the 1000x challenge.

All presenters touched on spectrum sharing at some level. Can operators get a return on network investment if spectrum is shared? What users will get priority in a shared setting, and what impacts will that have on QoS?  These were questions that investors, operators and equipment providers alike discussed.  In addition to spectrum constraints and sharing, panelists also highlighted the growing importance of site acquisition.

The rapid fire presenters demonstrated a variety of innovative wireless infrastructure offerings, along with real-world examples of spectrum sharing and TV white space use in the field.



See the full agenda HERE.

See who attended HERE.


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