Segment Spotlight: Telstra – More Than Talk, Walking The ‘Digital Walk’

Author: Dave Labuda, CEO at Matrixx Software

bit6-blogWe recently announced the successful deployment of our Convergent Charging Solution at Telstra. Telstra is not only the largest CSP down under, but also has a growing international presence with operations spanning 15 countries. So it’s not surprising that they are at the forefront of bringing their entire operations – network, customer service, security, etc. into the digital age.

I’ve posted a number of blogs recently talking about what it takes for a communications service provider to transition to a full-fledged Digital Service Provider (DSP). Telstra is an industry leading of example of how not only to paint a better vision for their customers, but to embark on the journey and execute that vision successfully.

Telstra cites improvements in customer experience as one of the key pillars and measures of success to the broader digital transformation they have undertaken. Specifically, they’ve committed to preventing bill shock and unexpected usage charges, to reducing roaming rates, and to provide better online service. Operationally, this means simplifying customer processes and enabling more interactions to take place via digital channels. This includes activities such as real-time usage tracking and purchasing additional data and roaming packs via the Telstra 24×7 app, empowering their customers to act when they’re approaching their data limit or travelling overseas.

When Telstra chose to partner with MATRIXX, we were extremely excited to be part of a project that was so integral to their core values. We developed our technology because we truly believe that service providers can and should have the capability to conduct all customer transactions online, in real-time. And, that this capability shouldn’t be cost prohibitive to deploy, scale, and maintain.

The days of ‘delayed data’ are over and Telstra is proving that with a large scale, sophisticated, postpaid base of customers that are demanding (and now getting) better customer experience, real-time information, and control over all things digital from the palm of their hand.

Telstra is actively tracking their progress across many different digital initiatives including customer experience and it is rewarding to be a part of their journey and success. In an earlier blog I cited that a DSP conducts at least 80% of customer transactions online. Telstra is now doing 46% of all service transactions through digital channels, increasing the number of digital customer contacts to more than 20 million a month.

Leveraging MATRIXX, their 24×7 App now contains real-time spending information and the ability to buy data and roaming packages and top-ups instantly. The app is used regularly by millions of customers each month and key digital satisfaction measures continue to improve. Additionally, by using MATRIXX, Telstra is the first CSP in Australia to send true real-time notifications (no ‘data delay’) to customers when they hit 50, 85 and 100 percent of their data limit – sending over 4 million notifications each month.

I’m still waiting for my mobile provider to deliver this level of service…. and I think many customers around the world are hoping for the same. Telstra has embarked down a path that many CSPs are still only talking about while Google, Facebook and many other digital brands are gearing up to challenge the industry once and for all.

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    Was pretty happy with Telstra when using their 4G mobile broadband service.

    Impressive speeds 🙂

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