SD-WAN Progress Accelerating

Author: Derek Kerton, Managing Partner, The Kerton Group


SD-WAN has been increasingly in the telecom news lately, as a number of US carriers advance their efforts at virtualizing their networks, and have a greater ability to offer virtualized-network services to their enterprise customers. The market is not yet settled, but partnerships are getting cemented, and rollouts imminent. Sprint, for example, recently launched an SD-WAN offering through a partnership with VeloCloud. Separately, Velocloud is also working with AT&T, Windstream, and MegaPath.

But conventional telcos and ISPs are also facing competition through SD-WAN efforts from former MSO cable companies. Comcast is offering a carrier-grade SD-WAN service through a partnership with Versa Networks running on its gigabit network service. It’s interesting for me that in each case, the SD-WAN solutions are being offered as a single-provider SD-WAN, but to truly unlock the benefits of SD-WAN, enterprise users should probably bundle together diverse ISPs into one virtual pipe, thus providing themselves service redundancy. And while SD-WAN is a disruptor for carriers, it is a valuable service for enterprise, so smart telcos are tuning their offerings pro-actively, not reactively.

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The next phase of SD-WAN rollouts will be more partnerships and initial offers, followed by tightly integrated plug-on services such as security and LTE-failover (and eventually 5G) redundancy for branch offices.

Also notable for the Telecom Council is the strength of Silicon Valley companies in this SD-WAN growth. For example, both the vendors mentioned in the source article, Velocloud and Versa Networks are from the Bay Area. This is just an example of one sector where global telecoms are pulling broadly from Silicon Valley startups.

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