RECAP: IoT Security

On May 17, the IoT Forum gathered in a ballroom during the IoT World conference to discuss the subject of IoT security. Our meeting featured a wider group than usual, with many representatives coming in from outside Silicon Valley because of the wider conference.

Putting the conclusions first, we learned that IoT security cannot be – and is no longer – an industry afterthought. As John Feland of Argus Insights said, “You can’t lock the barn door after the horses have gone.” The various industry sectors reported are fully aware of the risks of IoT, and have plans to implement multi-layered security over and in their solutions. The beauty of the multi-layer support is that not only will compliant products be more secure from the ground up, but some weaker products that will still exist on the shelves of Best Buy (think IP cameras) may still be protected by layers at the home gateway, in the carriers network, or by AI software running over either.

Our meeting featured startup pitches, product pitches, and some case studies in IoT security. And as always, introductions and networking. And at the end, complementary access to the IoT World Expo Hall. Presentations are available to Members in the Library.

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