RECAP: IoT Logistics

Author: Telecom Council Staff

IoT Forum met to discover innovation in the field of IoT Logistics.   Prior to opening the doors to the public, members and guests reviewed 6 companies with new propositions in connectivity, security, wireless, asset management and supply chain.

A case study on robotic sorting was presented by Unmanned Life. Via beacons, sensors and predictive AI, Unmanned Life’s software enables autonomous vehicles and humans to work together reliably and independently.  The need for a reliable network, with the speed and low latency of 5G, allowed for a smooth transition to today’s panelists to continue the conversation in the successes and challenges of bringing logistics management into the 4th industrial revolution.

Participants in our infamous unpanel were Michael Crane, BD & Partner Development at Amazon, Rene Schmitz, VP IoT at Vodafone, and Steven Kim, Senior Director Connected Vehicles at SAP.  Michael opened the panel with a welcome from Amazon and a brief update on Amazon Key and its latest iteration bringing packages to vehicles.  We then opened the floor to our audience to gather their burning logistics questions.  The panel was challenged with answering the following topics:

  • LP-WAN/5G
  • Indoor connectivity
  • Managing dataflow
  • Blockchain
  • 5G enablement
  • MEC
  • Control/Ownership (data, customer)
  • Partner engagement
  • CyberSecurity/Privacy

Blockchain kicked off the discussion with SAP updating the audience on their current solutions.  By the end of the session, it was clear that blockchain will play a major part in managing logistics, will automate document centric systems making processes cheaper, smoother and more secure and bring companies traditionally isolated from end users a lot more access to consumers.  Pros and Cons of Enterprise Edge, Network Edge, NBIoT, LP-WAN and 5G were discussed with the conclusion reached that there was room for many vendors offering different solutions to go beyond the current trend of only tracking higher value assets.  Partner engagement, data control and ownership, managing the dataflow and privacy were all touched on organically as our panelists discussed network solutions and, not surprisingly from Amazon, the assurance that secure handling of customer data was the #1 consideration, even over company data.  Combining the network and connectivity data, along with data from the end device, together with machine learning and AI promises to enrich companies handling of their assets.  One thing that the panel, and the audience, all agreed upon, was that in the area of logistics there will be more vendors, more dynamism, more competition and more choices.

Thank you to Amazon for hosting us, to our entrepreneurial speakers, and our panelists.  Members can access details of today’s meeting and presentations in the Member Library.


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