RECAP: Infrastructure Forum – Radical RAN

DSC_0598by Telecom Council Staff

With thanks to Imagination Technology for hosting Telecom Council’s Radical RAN meeting, the panel was inspired and revolutionary in their ideas as to how they might build a network from scratch with the benefits of modern technology. Here’s what we learned:

  • wireless looks set to offer the most versatile future
  • technology would not be the limiting factor but the economics surrounding building a network from scratch with no need to deploy the current copper infrastructure
  • it’s doubtful that 4G could accommodate the anticipated growth
  • greater 5G rollout has to occur using multiple bands, including unlicensed spectrum, to enable the 4 billion users this new network would need to support
  • fiber is just part of the solution, with small cells being deployed with wireless backhaul
  • Indoor traffic could be offloaded with wifi-like solutions

Thanks to our Moderator, Steve Papa of Parallel Wireless, and our panelists, Jeff Mehlman from Kumu Networks, Steven Glapa from Tarana Wireless, Farooq Khan from PHAZR and Jack Tang from Altiostar for their acumen and ideas as they bantered back and forth during this lively and insightful panel. We should expect seismic changes in capacity and through-put in the next 5 years.

Complementing the panel discussion, our 3 demo companies enjoyed much interest and great networking.  You can sneak peek their technology below:



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