RECAP: Cloud Forum – Elastic Compute & XaaS

Author: TC staff

The Telecom Council’s Cloud Forum tackled the topic of Elastic Compute this week, hosted at Ericsson. The discussions looked at the title topic, but also discussed Mobile Edge Computing, and Hybrid Cloud. Our keynote presentation was done by the 800 pound gorilla in the industry, Amazon Web Services. AWS explained how they are growing through a powerful partner ecosystem building off AWS as a platform. Cooperation seems to be the modus operandi of the industry, as many would-be AWS competitors are also partners that either use, or re-sell AWS in some capacity.

When it comes to CSPs, some use AWS for their internal IT cloud needs, some partner with AWS to offer cloud services to enterprise, and others compete with cloud leveraging the advantage of network control. The upshot is that, while AWS is a powerful player (and Google, Microsoft, and IBM are also big), there is ample market opportunity for other entrants to fill in niche markets in cloud and elastic compute, and to grow from that niche.

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  1. Organizer made an excellent point about the opportunity open for computing at the edge, over local networks of connected devices, some maybe instrumented with sensors, some maybe smart devices. There is no need to transport so much data to the Cloud, only to be computed there, many times with substantial risk, cost and delay.
    Zeepabyte took like a duck to the water on this keen observation. Its Cascade Distributed Analytics System works on variable topology because the multi-kernel engine they invented scales out in two planes when executing large scale applications analytical tasks: (1) up – delivering extreme speed (ms) at substantially lower computing power and energy consumption, and (2) down – delivering impressive throughput (hundreds of kbps) on industrial boards with size and power of a first generation Raspberry Pi. Something to think about when building Cloud Platforms for applications in need of real-time contextual insights and actions.

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