Why Do We Need The IoT Forum?

The 4th wave is upon us. It is the Internet of Things, where we finally push the intelligence and connectivity previously locked into heavy iron in our basements or in the cloud and push it to the edge of the network and beyond. Where the questions being asked are now not about whether to connect but about how much bandwidth and intelligence is required for that delivery truck or lawn mower. And just like the prior waves of creative destruction, current enterprises are at a loss as to where to start engaging with this rising maelstrom of buzzwords and benefits as they seek the gains of IoT without themselves being disrupted along the way.

This is why the IoT Forum exists, to help all the partners involved in making IoT work, navigate their way through this latest cycle of creative destruction. Different than one off events or salesy webinars, the IoT Forum is building a community of practice around the Internet of Things ecosystem. With a Customers First point of view, every event will be built around three content pillars.

  • Sharing and understanding early successes within IoT,
  • Where there are still unmet needs voiced by real companies looking for solutions, and
  • What constellation of partners can come together to ensure the benefits of IoT make their way to the balance sheet.

Join us as we wrestle with the messy chaos of IoT and together we can bend it to our collective will!

John Feland

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