Your Mobile World Congress Rolodex starts here

Mobile World Congress is just 2 weeks away and promises to be “the one event that brings the international technology community to the same place at the same time”, so break out the sneakers and the foot cream, and make sure you plan your route to call in on all attending ComTech Forum and IoT Forum members!  And don’t forget to register for our member only debrief on March 6th.

Amazon Web Services Hall South Village Stand SV.25, SV.26, SV.27; Hall Upper Walkway Stand Meeting Room – CC1.2, CC1.3
Aviat Networks Hall 2 Stand 2A11Ex, Hall 2 Stand 2D41MR
Business Finland Hall 5 Stand 5C41
China Mobile Hall 1 Stand 1F70
Cisco Systems Hall 3 Stand 3E30
Deutsche Telekom Hall 3 Stand 3M31, Hall 3 Stand OA3A.20
Ericsson Hall 1 Stand OA1.20, Hall 2 Stand 2O60
Huawei Technologies Hall 7 Stand 7C21, Hall 7 Stand 7C31
InterDigital Hall 7 Stand 7C61
Intertrust Hall 1 Stand 1E38
Juniper Networks Hall 2 Stand 2I60, Hall 2 Stand 2J61
KPMG Hall 4 Stand 4G3Ex
Lanner Electronics USA Hall 7 Stand 7B2
LG Electronics Hall 3 Stand 3K30, Hall 2 Stand 2K30
Orange Hall 3 Stand 3K10
Samsung Electronics Hall 3 Stand 3I10
Sony Corporation of America Hall 3 Stand 3M10
Sprint Hall 2 Stand 2L4Ex
Tata Communications Hall 2 Stand 2H30
Telefonica USA Hall 3 Stand 3K31
Verizon Hall 2 Stand 2G31
Wipro Technologies Hall Upper Walkway Stand GG1, Hall 2 Stand 2I31

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