Mobile Data Consumption Patterns: Q1 2014

Author: Citrix

Citrix-BlogCitrix has been analyzing mobile data usage patterns for the past 4 years, as part of its quarterly mobile analytics report.

This past year, as subscribers increasingly engage with mobile content on their smartphones, we have seen some significant changes in content and usage patterns – for example, mobile ads are now reaching an audience twice the size of that in 2013, and social media is becoming increasingly visual. More details on each of these below. For the full infographic, click here.

Mobile Ads Getting More “Air Time” 

140312_MEDIA1_Citrix_Mobile-Data-Consumption-Patterns_Q1-2014Mobile advertisements now reach an audience almost double that reached in 2013. Even with such growth, mobile ads generate less than two percent of a subscriber’s daily mobile data volume and only one-in-twenty subscribers are currently served video ads. We project dramatic growth in the number of subscribers touched by video ads and the data volume attributable to video ads. Such growth will be driven, in part, by such dynamics as auto-play for video ads, as introduced by Facebook in December 2013. Interestingly, 59 percent of consumer survey respondents believe that mobile ads do not count towards their monthly data quota.


Social Networks Embrace Video 

140312_MEDIA2_Citrix_Mobile Data Consumption Patterns_Q1 2014Twitter’s introduction of video sharing site Vine last year and the integration of video into Facebook’s Instagram have driven a dramatic increase in social video sharing. As a consequence, the data content on social networks now consists of 32 percent video, while images contribute 63 percent and text contributes five percent. With regards to its contribution to subscribers’ daily mobile data volume, social networking consumes eight percent on average, although this percentage fluctuates significantly by operator and region. For example, social network data traffic in Europe and the United States is responsible for 18 and 16 percent, respectively, of all data volume. In contrast, only four percent of overall data traffic is attributable to popular social networking sites in the Asia-Pacific region.



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