Mirror, Mirror, on the wall … What are Telcos looking for?

Sadly, there are no magic mirrors or crystal balls when it comes to building your business development plan for engaging with Telcos.  Fortunately, Telecom Council offers the next best thing … TC3 Summit.

Check out a few of the Telco speakers who will be on stage on 1-2 November, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, with the sole purpose of discussing their business needs for the coming year:

Purposefully restricted to 600 delegates, 50 demo tables, and with scheduled and open networking areas, TC3 Summit is specifically designed with business development in mind.  You can connect with our telco speakers via the one-on-one MatchMaker, available to all summit registrants; stroll through the pavilion during our open sessions, and our Wednesday evening reception, to meet with our innovative demo companies; and participate in our interactive Spotlight sessions focusing on the tech segments that are currently resonating with our community.

So set aside your crystal ball, and use that mirror to practice your elevator speech.  In the words of Sidney Sheldon, “There is magic, but you have to be the magician.  You have to make the magic happen”.

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