MEETING RECAP: Cyber Security

Author: Telecom Council Staff

In a change from our normal order-of-operations, our meeting started out with the rapid-fire presos from eight security startups, Mimir, Cujo, Baffle, Rocana, Cyphre, BlueTalon, NewSky Security and Argus Cyber Security, many taking a break from the big RSA conference specifically to pitch to our rich community of partners.  We followed with Konstantinos Karagiannis, BT Americas speaking about the measurable business benefits (and ethics) of “white hat hacking”. The basic concept is that it’s irresponsible NOT to test your defenses regularly. Konstantinos was then joined by our Panelists, Brian Russell, Cloud Security Alliance, Lynda Grindstaff, Intel, and Ofer Gayer, Imperva Incapsula, to discuss responsibilities and options facing network operators and service providers for protecting their networks and the subscribers who use them.

Thank you to Aviat Networks for hosting.  Pitches and presentations are available to members in the Member Library.  Demo table presentations from Imperva Incapsula, Rocana and Redshift Networks are available here.

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