MEETING DEBRIEF: Roundtable Lunch on Artificial Intelligence

Author: Telecom Council Staff

Our TC Roundtable meeting on AI was a lively discussion held at the Sony DSC_0766PlayStation  facility in San Mateo. Derek Kerton, our own Analyst spoke with Nitin Narkhede, GM of Emerging Tech at Wipro about the subject matter. Derek and Nitin lead the discussion down two distinct paths. Nitin started off the discussion with a focus on practical AI, which can be applied immediately to uncover value as part of business processes or the evolution of Expert Systems.

Then, for the second part, Derek shifted the discussion to the long-range possibilities of AI, with a nod to Greek history and science fiction. The room was deeply involved in the conversation as the roundtable breezed through topics such as the ethics of AI, autonomous cars, personal assistants like Amazon Echo and Siri, and whether AI could be dangerous to humanity as Skynet is in the Terminator movies.  Thanks to Sony for hosting!




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