Meeting Debrief: Mobile World Congress 2015

Author: Telecom Council Staff

At our MWC debrief, analyst and Council Chairman Derek Kerton took the room on a whirlwind tour of Mobile World Congress 2015 from Barcelona. As usual, the debrief captured much of what occurred at the show, the big trends, and the smaller waves that also matter. Over 100 attendees joined us at Brocade for lunch and a debrief, and participated thoroughly in the discussions.


150312-MWC-DebreifIn addition to Mr. Kerton, the debrief featured a guest speaker, John Feland, of Argus Insights, who focused on the “winners and losers” of MWC, based on a big data analysis of the social media feeds coming out of the MWC.


For those of you wishing to see the debrief, it is in the Member’s Library. Please note that much of the content is only delivered orally to (and from) those in attendance, so be sure to join us next time. We’ll be talking about South by Southwest next week.

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