Debrief: Deep Dive – IaaS

Author: Jon Metzler, CEO, Blue Field Strategies

Bluefield Strategies LogoOn May 22, 2014, representatives of carriers, equipment makers, service providers, startups, and analysts gathered at host Ericsson’s San Jose facility to discuss what’s next in the growing field of infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

The Many Colors of IaaS Panel with Violin Memory, Egnyte, Ensim Corp, Jamcracker, 2600hz, EricssonAnalyst 451 Research set the stage by presenting valuable findings from interviews of buyers of cloud solutions. Perhaps not surprisingly given recent data breach incidents, security, already the top concern for IT buyers, had grown in importance for buyers during 2013, and security rankings were an extremely important criterion for 73% of interview respondents.

These security concerns are one of the key drivers behind companies selecting private cloud services over public ones. Now that security is even more of a top priority, the cloud providers need to focus on finding ways to reduce their clients’ concerns. 451 Research’s respondents stated that the top traits they are looking for in their cloud service are transparency, control over datacenter, data locality, and auditability.

Not surprisingly, as demand for cloud services is predicted to rise over the next two years, the use of external public cloud computing service vendor and service provider is expected to increase as well. 451 Research predicted that the use of online service providers is to increase by 33%, ISaaS providers to increase by 24%, and telecommunications providers to increase 12%.


External Public Cloud Provider Adoption for Infrastructure Services Graph


After 451 Research debriefed the room on the current state of the IaaS market, Genband discussed how the industry is evolving towards outcome focused business models. Genband explained that downloads of apps in 2013 ranged from 56 to 82 billion, and in 2017, there could be 100 billion downloads. The number of devices in use globally over the next 4 years is expected to rise across the board, with the largest spikes in use of connected cars, wearables, and connected TV’s.

Siaras then spoke about the evolution of Cloud Software for service providers and how it is all moving towards the need for data centers with WAN. Most current public IaaS offerings lack integrated WAN connectivity and orchestration. They are then lacking the benefits of WAN-Aware Cloud, which include how it enables new multi-site services and revenues, aligns services with enterprise requirements, replace internet with revenue-bearing WAN, and accelerates revenue.

Once the keynotes were complete, the room watched as Violin Memory, Egnyte, Ensim Corportation, Jamcracker, 2600hz, and Ericsson discussed their technologies and the many colors of IaaS during their panel discussion. Later in the meeting, IaaS providers BigSwitch, 2600hz, Cloudscaling, Magellan LLC, Cloudphysics, and Nephoscale introduced their offerings during 5-minute rapid fire presentations.

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