Author: Derek Kerton, Managing Partner of the Kerton Group and Chairman of the Telecom Council

Yesterday’s panel discussion was surprising in many ways. First, the topic generated more attendees and more speakers than we expected, showing that the industry’s interest in finding ways to use analytics has only grown over the past 2 years when we started discussing it.

Second, the number of case studies in the industry is also growing – with repeated examples of ROI from the telcos and their enterprise customers. Third, the quantity of expertise in this sector in also growing rapidly. Our expert panelists from Guavus, Parstream, Hitachi Data Systems, ItsOn, and Hortonworks hard to work to get a word in over the lively discussion from the 60 participants. And lastly, the debate on “what is real time?” was heated, and in the end we concluded that the answer depends on context.

Sincere thanks to Gabriele Di Piazza at Guavus, Laurent Guengant from Hitachi Data Systems, Sanjay Kumar from Hortonworks, Robert Oberhofer from ItsOn, Joerg Bienert from Parstream, and Christian Masegian from InCode Consulting for contributing to our discussion. And a shout out to the demo table companies, and you can see some great photos of them in our library, @zeotap, @argyledata, @ParStream, @globys, and @argusinsights.




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