IoT Speaking Opportunity: Innovation Review + Smart Agriculture

We are looking for new ideas, new technologies, and new companies working on Smart Agriculture. Apply to Speak!

Date: November 8, 2017, 665 Clyde Ave.
Mountain View, California, CA

IoT Speaking Opportunity for Startup Pitches, Product Pitches, Demo Tables, Case Studies, Buyers

Application Deadline: Friday, Oct 6

Draft Agenda:

The IoT Forum meets in November on Smart Agriculture together with 100+ members, telcos, vendors and startups to discover interesting startups, products, and new technologies across farming and agricultural market segments. Also on the agenda will be a case study of IoT technology deployed in the field with a technology provider and their carrier customer followed by a lunch discussion with buyers and integrators of IT and connected technologies for agriculture.

These member meetings are short, packed, interactive discussions with top-notch networking.

We are currently reviewing speaker applications from:

  1. IoT startups who are looking for technology and finding partners to help them get to market
  2. Innovative Connected Products and Services that are just on or soon to be on the market
  3. Buyers who are in the market for Smart Home Solutions

How to Get Involved:

  • Startups: Young companies and early-stage products apply online.
  • New Products: Innovative, ready-to-buy products can apply online.
  • Case Studies: Technology companies who can co-present a use case with their customer please reply to this email.
  • Demo Tables: 5 tables are available first-come, first-served to help new products get exposure to the IoT Forum community. Tables operate during 3 networking breaks, are located inside the meeting room, and generate lots of interest. To reserve a table register as an exhibitor.
  • Recommendations: Know someone we should invite? Let us know.

Benefits of Speaking:

  • It is good for the industry: Members of the IoT Forum meet monthly to discover trends, technologies, products and come together to find solutions to common challenges that benefit the IoT industry as a whole.
  • It is a great branding and leadership opportunity: Speakers get their profile and expertise in front of their industry in real-time!
  • Speaking perks. Speakers get to enjoy all the benefits of the forum without paying any portion of the attendance fee. Not bad for preparing and delivering a presentation on a topic you already know :). Speakers also get the opportunity to make powerful and personal connections with innovators and decision makers of the communications industry.
  • Sponsorships: For companies looking for extra marketing support, we can make sponsorship available. Branding options include a coffee break or lunch sponsorship and messaging options include agenda placement.

If this meeting is not a fit, stay on the lookout for another IoT Speaking Opportunity. We have a variety of topics – always in Silicon Valley and always short, packed, interactive discussions with top-notch networking. Visit to learn more.

We appreciate your interest and opinions!


About IoT Forum: IoT Forum connects buyers and sellers of IoT innovation through regular meetings that introduce new companies and technologies using startup pitches, technology demos, product reviews, user case studies and interactive conversations with buyers. Members are committed to capitalizing on opportunities to partner with new companies and supporting the growth of the innovation ecosystem globally. Our member list, meeting calendar, speaker application and list of membership benefits are online at


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