IoT Forum Launched

Author: Linda Hull, Director, Telecom Council

iot forum launchWhen you take that first step into the unknown, there’s always that moment of uncertainty.  Such it was for the launch of the IoT Forum, as invitees from diverse corners of the IoT ecosystem came together to discover what this new forum might offer them.   The moment was short.  From the lively discussions around the room, it was evident that the ecosystem had been missing such a community – a community where concepts and ideas, experiences and challenges could be openly shared.

With thanks to founding member Amazon for hosting us, we greeted 70 executives from enterprises, telcos, and startups to learn from our Keynote Speaker, Dr Rob Conant, CEO at Cirrent, John Feland, CEO at Argus Insights, and Derek Kerton, Managing Partner at the Kerton Group.  They shared predictions for the IoT market and how the IoT Forum will help companies, from multi-national enterprises to fledgling startups meet high consumer expectations.  A theme emerged around the Internet of Things eventually overcoming its vertical business architecture as specialization trumps building end to end solutions.

And, this market fragmentation should be embraced. Through collaboration and partnership, the ecosystem will produce a new wave of solutions, cost savings, and “customer delight.” The complexities involved in this ecosystem mean that partnerships are essential.

Speaking to the role of the IoT Forum, Derek Kerton, Managing Partner at the Kerton Group, introduced the successes of the Telecom Council and the Autotech Council as the building blocks on which the IoT Forum has been built.  The concept that “Our results are Your results” with 80% of our introductions resulting in follow up meetings, means that the IoT Forum will act as a catalyst for business development and discovery, affecting change faster.  The Forum aims to bring buyers from outside of Silicon Valley into our meetings, connecting buyers and sellers in this complex ecosystem, and creating an entry point for many buyers into the IoT industry.

Kicking off the conversations that were to follow, our founding members, Amazon, Argus Insights, SigFox and The Telecom Council took questions from the floor.  The session came to a close all too quickly and, as we guided people from the room, we look forward to continuing conversations and collaborations at our future IoT Forum meetings.

Thanks once again to Amazon for hosting, to our founding members and to our speakers.  IoT Forum members may view the presentations in the member library.

To learn more about the IoT Forum and our upcoming meetings, please visit

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