Innovation IntrodUKtions update

An exciting addition to our portfolio in 2020 was the virtual trade missions, introducing our members to startups that might otherwise have gone undiscovered due to the constraints of proximity. Casting your memories back to our July meeting sponsored by the UK”s Department for International Trade, when we introduced 20 UK 5G-enabled companies, here’s an update on the signed partnerships, competitions won, and products launched since that meeting.


About UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT)
The UK is a global leader in technology and innovation and home to over 30 technology clusters focused on everything from quantum to AR/VR. It has a vibrant start-up ecosystem which attracts more VC investment than any other country in Europe. The UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) supports innovative UK companies in the US market, drives US investment into the UK, and champions free trade. We regularly host virtual trade missions to the US; to larger events like CES, but also smaller, intimate events with partners like the Telecom Council. We are happy to have one to one discussions about your areas of interest and connect you to curated UK companies.

Veronica Eng (She/Her) | Trade and Investment Associate, Hardware and Telecoms | British Consulate General San Francisco

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