In the Spotlight: Large and Small, Operators Worldwide Are Struggling with Mobile Video Stalling

Author: Jay Hinman, Head of B2B Marketing, Opera Software

opera-software_blogOpera Software recently released a study and infographic that shows just how prevalent mobile video stalling and buffering is around the world – and what real-life consumers think about it. (Hint: they don’t like it).


Opera worked closely with OpenSignal, a leading authority on mobile network performance, and with On Device Research to look at quantitative network data as well as qualitative opinion data to get a picture of mobile video stalling in 5 major markets: the United States, Brazil, Russia, India and Indonesia.


All 5 countries boast impressive rates of adoption of smartphones, as well as a projected explosion in their respective rates of mobile video adoption between now and 2018 – as you’ll see in the infographic. Mobile video streaming on apps like YouTube, Vine, Instagram as well as via local websites is soaring, which truly puts the burden on operators to find solutions that will ensure a first-rate quality of video experience for their users – one free from annoying stalling, buffering and long start times – or risk losing customers to competitors and/or to Wi-Fi.


So what did Opera find? Well, it turns out that video session stalling rates across 2G, 3G and LTE networks ranged from 40.8% of all videos played in the United States to 73.3% of videos played in India, a negative viewing experience which helped lead to 49.6% or more of consumers in each market saying that they experienced low quality, lagging or “buffering” when they watched videos “often” or “all the time”. Moreover, significant stalling, defined as 10% or more of a video’s playback time being spent stalling (rendering it nearly unplayable), ranged from 20.1% (US) to 41% (India).


More details can be found within the infographic, which you can see (and print) here.

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