How to foster startup-corporate collaboration?

ADL-0The disruptive power of startups has often been discussed and is today widely undisputed: Many corporate executives already acknowledged that startups (should) represent an essential part of today’s innovation strategies. This also becomes evident by the increasing number of events, like for example the TC3 Summit in September in the heart of innovation, Silicon Valley.

Unfortunately though, too often this remains stuck on the level of lip services and startup engagement is often not moving past “corporates’ marketing efforts”. In reality startups are still facing “not invented here” syndrome, tedious procurement processes or simply lack the appropriate entry points.

Likewise startups are often not clear enough in their value proposition towards corporates. Often they focus on their capabilities instead of thinking in terms of joint value creation or even products: “How can my capabilities create value for the target corporates?” should be asked more frequently. Most often startups are not yet product ready leading to initial interest by the corporate (you will always find someone within the corporate to engage for your idea), but to very little impact.

Today many corporates already launched a “startup initiate”. This might be a corporate accelerator program, a corporate venture fund or any other a dedicated vehicle to engage. Unfortunately though, only the fewest corporates were able to adjust their internal processes to reap the benefit of startup collaboration for their core business. BUT this is the essential part of joint value creation.

As we are convinced of this value creation potential, Match-Maker Ventures and Arthur D. Little launched a cross-stakeholder, cross-industry and cross-geography study to increase transparency of the challenges ahead, to identify effective solutions, and to foster joint value creation.

If you feel addressed by the lines above, please take part in our study and ensure you will receive the findings first hand! The survey takes max. 10 min. (promised)!

If you are a startup, follow this link

If you are a corporate, follow this link

If you are a stakeholder (VC, accelerator, company builder, etc.), follow this link

The results will be published end of May and we happily send you your copy!


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