High-Volume, Web-Based Reselling vs. Traditional VARs: Who Needs to Manage the Edge?

By Rosa Lear, Director of Marketing, Edgewater Networks

EWN_Logo_1SEP11As TDM communications systems give way to the growing use of VoIP, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain QoS and security and easier than ever for companies to switch services. Quality assurance is essential for any communications service provider, but your business model has a significant effect on the impact that churn rates have on your organization. If churn rates are a concern for your reselling business, you need intelligent edge solutions—enterprise session border controllers (ESBCs)—on your network.

High-Volume, Web-Based Resellers vs. Typical VARs

Consider the business model for a high-volume, web-based communications reseller. The loose, online sales cycle allows these particular VARs to take on customer churn without nearly as much damage as other telcos.

In a web-based business, customers of all sizes can subscribe and implement service as quickly as they can unsubscribe, giving these high-volume resellers more room to absorb churn. If you aren’t one of these high-volume, web-based resellers, you can’t be so passive about seeing customers leave for your competitors.

More traditional VARs have greater investments in their sales cycles, relying on their sales teams to have a physical presence with customers rather than on web-based sign ups. These VARs can’t afford to lose customers in 30-day cycles—the cost of acquisition is just too high, especially if you’re a smaller player with just a few technicians.

Web-based resellers might not have to worry about managing the edge of the network, but ESBCs can help you boost customer satisfaction by improving QoS and reducing your mean time-to-resolution (MTTR) when troubleshooting.

Implementing Intelligent Edge Solutions in Every Telecom Deployment

You can’t afford to just let customers plug their phones into your VoIP network and blindly handle troubleshooting as necessary. It might work for a little while, but traffic demands will quickly bog the network down and negatively impact customer satisfaction. Placing intelligent edge solutions on the network—ESBCs, not firewalls—is the best option for maximizing the effectiveness of your VAR business.

Implementing ESBCs in all of your telecom deployments might be a big change from your typical processes—but it’s a necessary one. If you’re still not sure how or why you should start including ESBCs in your solution stack, Edgewater Networks recently published a solution brief to outline the advantages.

Download the Including an EdgeMarc ESBC in Every Telecom Deployment solution brief and discover how EdgeMarcs can fit into your VAR business model and improve your customer satisfaction.

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