Your foot in the door at TC3 Telecom Council Carrier Connections

Author: Linda Hull, Director, Telecom Council

The imagery may be dated, but the concept remains the same – the path to success often starts with the smallest of introductions, a bond that’s created from an initial encounter.  Opportunity knocks, open door policy, mergers and exits … seems that doors are full of possibilities!  Business development teams know all about doors, the physical and the virtual, as they search for the right one, at just the right moment, to unlock their full potential.

If carriers hold the key to your success, then you should beat a path to TC3.  For over a decade, TC3 has been introducing telco tech scouts to entrepreneurs, opening doors from across the globe, by sitting those seeking innovation across the table from the innovators themselves.  Connecting the right people, at the right time, is what TC3 is built upon, with an agenda focused on discovering the innovations carriers are looking for, introducing new products to meet those needs, presenting case studies to showcase successful partnerships, and culminating in personal, pre-scheduled meetings through our proven meeting service.

Don’t settle for being in the same room as your global telco prospects, join us at TC3 2019 and place your foot in the door! Our Call for Speakers is open until the end of May, Sponsorship Opportunities exist to suit multiple budgets, Demo Tables are still available, with Early-Bird pricing currently available on all packages and passes. Find out more here.

I’ll be there … holding the door open.

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