Next gen ideas for Fiber-Friendly Services

Author: Derek Kerton, Managing Partner, Kerton Group, 

Telecom Council had a very insightful and interactive lunch discussion yesterday at CableLabs in Sunnyvale, CA. Led by Julie Kunstler, Principal Analyst at Ovum, and Steve Glennon, Principal Architect, Advanced Technologies Group at CableLabs, Council members discussed the specific question:


What are the new, different customer uses of fiber-speed broadband?


Our goal was to suss out what would be the new and different uses of the Internet if it were delivered in great bandwidths, and with very low latencies. All the attendees contributed questions and topics to our whiteboard, and our panelists led the discussion around answers and also brainstormed a few futuristic uses of super-fast fiber broadband.


As you can see from this shot of the questions that came up from the members, that use cases and new revenues are the top of the list and the groups had plenty of ideas – from holodecks and telepresence to robotics and IoT.

fiber friendly blog pic

In red, some specific services that can be sold because of fiber. In the blue, topics of interest from all attendees. The black checks indicate elevated interest, and the green checks indicate where the discussion provided some solutions.


One take-away was that high-speed fiber services are likely to follow the fax machine example: enter through businesses services first, where ROIs are easily measured. Then proceed towards consumers and the home. Specific opportunities include VR and telepresence.

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