Delivering a New Kind of Customer Experience for Telecom

Author: Dave Patton, Rocana

rocana_logo_finalCapturing and analyzing your network performance is vital to improving customer experience. Yet did you know that this is only a fraction of the data that you could be using to deliver extraordinary customer experiences? With 68 percent of telecom operators viewing customer experience as their number one strategic priority according to Ernst & Young, telecom operators worldwide should be seeking out new ways to turn data into insights that the whole business can use to improve customer experience, enhance security, and boost the bottom line.

Good thing today’s underlying infrastructure generates Mount Everest-sized levels of operational performance data. Hundreds of terabytes per day for some. Operators are waking up to the value hiding in this vast operational data, breaking down silos and correlating across many data sets to uncover insights that propel the business forward. At Rocana, we call this Total Operational Visibility. It’s what drives peak performance and competitive advantages. It’s the ability to monitor all infrastructure without boundaries:

  • Petabytes of full fidelity data
  • From all sources in your environment
  • Instantly available for analysis
  • With no time limits on retention

But for fixed networks dealing with the impact from SDN, NFV, virtual instances, and ephemeral IT, visibility is actually worsening. Now on the hook for guaranteed uptime and SLAs for new enterprise services, there is profound pressure for QoS and security accountability. Total financial losses as a result of security incidents alone soared 45 percent in 2015, according to PwC.

How does total operational visibility come to the rescue? It allows you to capture all log and event data from the many applications, servers, endpoint devices, firewalls, switches and other sources that make up your environment. Once under one roof, the data can then be curated, enriched, and selectively delivered to third-party SIEM tools. Total operational visibility powers top-notch security forensics because the always online search capabilities allow analysts to go back months or even years to find out when and how an attack began.

Total operational visibility is also having tremendous impact on mobile service providers. Consider this one example: issues like dropped calls are obviously a huge concern for this crowd. Why not correlate Call Detail Records (CDRs) with operational data to better understand your infrastructure problems that lead to these poor customer experiences? Because legacy techniques weren’t designed for the massive data volumes we’re seeing today and never enabled you to identify anomalies in real time. Equipped with total operational visibility, issues leading to poor experiences — no matter how obscure or buried, in physical or virtual infrastructure — can be seen bright and clear for ops teams to resolve.

In this era of transformation, what will separate the winners from the losers is the ability to turn huge amounts of operational data into better overall customer experiences. The total operational visibility made possible by Rocana Ops empowers you to deliver the differentiating customer experience that consumers have come to expect, right out of the box.

To learn more, catch Rocana at TC3 Summit 2016! September 28th at 1:05pm, I’ll be taking the Spotlight Stage with analyst Mark Lowenstein for a fireside chat on how real world telecom operators are using Rocana to turn operational data into better experiences and competitive advantages.

Author – Dave Patton, Sr. Sales Engineer, Rocana

Dave Patton is a Senior Sales Engineer with Rocana, where he is passionate about making customers successful with their operational visibility initiatives. Before joining Rocana, Dave was a Senior Solutions Engineer at Hortonworks, a Sales Engineer at Cloudera, and taught the inaugural semester of the University of Washington Graduate Big Data Program. He brings over twenty years of IT, systems and business experience, working with a large cross section of Global Fortune 500 companies architecting and delivering solutions to solve complex business challenges. Dave has a keen understanding of the IT needs of business of all sizes, and how to address their needs and challenges.

A graduate of The American University in Washington DC, Dave holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and a Master’s degree in Business and Information Technology. He has also served in the US Army and US Navy and has completed tours in Iraq. He lives with his wife and daughter in the greater Seattle area.

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