Debrief: Wrap up on yesterday’s NFV Deep Dive

Author: Telecom Council Staff

Thanks to Brocade for hosting and Tata Consultancy Services for sponsoring our NFV meeting yesterday where 100 members and guests spent a few hours discussing the state of NFV and SDN.

We learned that NFV is alr141028-NFV-SDNeady here in early projects, and that many of those projects are, unsurprisingly, in sectors that are also new. Virtualizing the Wi-Fi and small-cell gateway was one example brought up by Ruckus Wireless, used in their NFV WLAN Controller. Other early deployments were cited in Load Balancing, Firewall, and NFV carrier-issued CPE for enterprise.

It seems that Openstack is quite widely adopted, and appreciated by many stakeholders. This Open Source Cloud Computing software has tremendous potential to reduce the kinds of fragmentation we’ve seen in many other technology adoption curves. According to the NFV group in the Openstack org, the role of Openstack with NFV is that “the underlying infrastructure needs to provide a certain number of functionalities which range from scheduling to networking and from orchestration to monitoring capacities.” Ultimately, we can expect to see convergence between IT and Openstack and communications networks and NFV.

Orange’s Christos Kolias gave the group a great overview of NFV, rich with data and market forecasts. Andrew Coward of Brocade introduced us to the potential for NFV in virtualizing the CPE for enterprise customers. We learned the goal of “centralize what you can, distribute what you must” as a driver of optimal flexibility and cost control. Justin Dustzadeh from Huawei had just returned from the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress in Dusseldorf, and was able to bring back many of the best ideas from that show.

Vedvyas Krishnamoorthy from Tata Consultancy moderated a panel that revealed the network efficiencies that can be gained by NFV. Faster service deployment, lower equipment costs, higher load rates and utilization were cited among the highlights along with simplified system planning and forecasting.

Council Chairman, Derek Kerton, summarized the leading roles of NFV that the various speakers discussed in this list:

Service Chain Provisioning, Security, Firewall, Load Balancing, new kinds of XaaS, virtual CPE, WLAN Controllers, Session Border Control, Cloud RAN, WAN optimization, Media Servers (ex: ad content cache)

As always, the presentations from the meeting are available to members in the library.


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