Data In, Safety Out – How 5G Will Disrupt Driver Safety

Zendrive, RCR Wireless and our own Derek Kerton met to discuss the impact 5G will have on transportation (mobility), driver safety, smarter cities, and the mobile network operators.

While 5G will enhance mobile data for smartphones, and many other use cases and end devices, this webinar focuses on how 5G is happening at the same time as the auto industry is pushing for greater autonomy, ADAS, and connected cars.

The serendipity of this timing means that 5G will enable greater efficiency, user convenience, safer cars, and safer cities. The focus of this webinar will tilt towards the safety opportunities of connecting cars, phones, and drivers with the cloud, where they can leverage data and analytics to reach better outcomes.

The increased speed of 5G promises to breed new expectations for mobile consumers. With its super-fast connectivity, intelligent network, and the ability to transmit massive amounts of data, the webinar predicts that 5G will open several new road safety possibilities. Mobile Carriers have a long history of representing reliability and safety. Think of reliable dialtones, 911, and location-based services. Now, they have a new opportunity to contribute to increased safety in and around vehicles.

Watch this webinar to learn:
How is 5G different from other ā€œGā€ transitions of the past.
How leading wireless carriers can drive profit through safety.
How 5G and cloud-connected cars can improve safety for those in the vehicle, and also those outside.
How 5G can reduce emergency response times.
Three ways 5G will disrupt driver safety.

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