RECAP: Predicting Happiness

Customer Sat > Shareholder Value

happinessWhat you missed at Microsemi yesterday [Analytics Forum: Predicting Happiness] in seven words:  The Golden Rule pays dividends . . . in gold.  In your every decision-making between doing right by your customers and doing right by your investors, always choose the former.  Soma Velayutham, Head of Strategy & Business Development at Nokia, ended our session by referring to a study which examined the market cap of companies who put their customer first, referencing Fortune 50 Johnson & Johnson and Proctor & Gamble, the mission statements of which effectively act as credos for every employee.  Data analytics provides a deeper understanding of customer needs and preferences.  By aligning one’s business to these, all are poised to profit.

The Telecom Council was pleased to have representatives from Pro Mexico Trade and Investment Group in attendance yesterday.  A reminder to us all that Cinco De Mayo is upon us . . .


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