CALL FOR SPEAKERS: Customer Experience

Are You a Leader in Customer Experience? Apply to Speak!

ComTech Forum on Customer Experience Management

Date: Wednesday, Aug 30, 2017, Silicon Valley

Speaking Opportunities: Expert Panelists, Startup Pitches, Demo Tables

Application Deadline: Friday, July 28, 2017

Draft Agenda:

Comtech Forum members will meet to discuss the evolving field of CEM and the modern tools and solutions that are changing the way Service Providers interact with subscribers.

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is not so simple anymore. Digital Transformation, Customer-Centric, Big Data Analytics, AI Maximizing NPS (Net Promoter Score), AI, Predictive Analytics and Cognitive Computing are only tiny parts of the CEM ecosystem. With such an increasingly complex ecosystem, Service Providers need to build new solutions to manage the customer experience.

According to Forrester Research, 89% of customers are willing to leave their telecom provider as a result of perceived poor service. However, companies can mitigate this risk by providing excellent CEM. Excellent CEM will not only improve customer loyalty but also increase revenues, shareholder value and new service adoption. Multiple research sources say that between 50% and 85% of customers would pay for better customer service.

How to Get Involved:

  • Panelists: To apply to be on this agenda please use our speaker application.
  • Rapid Fire Pitches: We have a handful of 5-minute rapid fire opportunities – If you’d like to stir up interest from companies involved with customer experience, please apply for a rapid fire slot.
  • Solution Spotlight Tables: Demo tables operate during 3 networking breaks and over lunch. Your table will be located in the same space as the meeting, so expect to meet most attendees. To reserve a table, add this option you register.
  • Know someone we should invite? Let us know!

If this meeting is not a fit, stay on the lookout for our future monthly deep dive meetings. These meetings are in the heart of Silicon Valley and are formatted as short, packed, interactive discussions with top-notch networking. Visit to learn more.

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