Citrix Survey Reveals: 82% of Mobile Subscribers Fear Data Usage Impact of Mobile Apps; Opportunity for Sponsored Data Plans

Author: Citrix Systems

Citrix-BlogMobile operators worldwide are looking to grow mobile data revenues, and with an increasingly competitive market it has become more important than ever. Here at Citrix, we use big data analysis and share leading trends and findings via our Citrix Mobile Analytics Report. But that only tells us one part of the story.

To better understand the drivers of mobile data usage, we surveyed subscribers to uncover their usage perceptions. It turns out that 82% of subscribers fear how much data usage a mobile app could consume and as a result curb usage. And yet, despite the fear of data usage, 58% of mobile subscribers say they exceed their monthly limit.  Clearly, there is money to be made by addressing this fear as evidenced in T-Mobile USA’s latest “Un-Carrier” move “T-Mobile Abolishes Consumer Overages “ which will automatically switch users to throttled 2G speeds once their quota is reached.

Another opportunity to simultaneously address mobile data usage fears and increase carrier revenue is through data plans sponsored by content providers. The Citrix Mobile Consumer Survey revealed that subscribers would use more data services if they were offered through a sponsored data plan. Specifically, 39% of subscribers would access bank account info, 33% would watch educational videos, 28% would watch advertisements, 21% would hold a teleconference, and 18% would file an insurance claim.


To find out more about customer opinions of data usage and sponsored data plans, download the full report here. For highlights on the drivers of mobile subscriber behaviors check out this presentation here.

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