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Connect your toys with caution

This time next week, on both sides of the pond, consumers will be moments away from Black Friday madness. Simpler offerings may have the edge over tech toys this year as parents evaluate security concerns. To read the full Tech Crunch article, click here.

Move over WebMD, IoT has my back

As a society obsessed with our “steps” and with a penchant for self diagnoses, I foresee a boom in IoT health applications. My hope is that we will become better connected hypochondriacs, with a health professional at the end of the sensor assuaging our fears. To read the full HIT Consultant article,...

Worldwide view of a connected future

From “scared as hell” to “super excited”, from the tech savvy to the technically challenged, Mozilla research throws up some interesting statistics about consumer perceptions of the IoT. To read the full ZDNet article, click here.

Workplace IoT – Utopia or Distopia?

Anyone who has read The Circle might balk at the idea of the IoT invading the workplace. Looking beyond the basic environmental advantages, smarter offices will lead to a smarter workforce, with mundane tasks handed over to technology.  The challenge lays in finding a role for everyone seeking a job. To read...

Customer Experience and the IoT

It may feel a little like The Happiest Place on Earth meets Westworld, but the concept of real-time data influencing how we improve customer experience is one driving many IoT deployments. To read the full article, click here.  To participate in the ComTech Forum’s Customer Experience meeting next week, click here.