CALL FOR SPEAKERS: Modern Wireless Infrastructure

Meeting Title: ComTech Forum Deep Dive on Modern Wireless Infrastructure
Date: Mar 14, 2019, 8:30am – 1:00pm
Location: Samsung, 665 Clyde Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043

Open Opportunities: Startup Pitches, Product Intros, Demo Tables, Expert Panelists

Are you an acceleration stage startup innovating in Modern Wireless Infrastructure? Apply now to pitch Telecom Council ComTech Forum Telcos & Tier1 vendor Tech Scouts.

Join ComTech Forum’s telco, vendor, startup and investor members in March to discover trends, innovation and startups in Modern Wireless Infrastructure. With 5G, networks are evolving in terms of design, equipment, and topology. But many changes are coming regardless of 5G, with some being implemented in 4G networks. Today’s meeting is focused on any significant changes in network design, whatever generation.

If you are interested in presenting to corporate partners, telcos, vendors and investors who are looking for innovation, startups, products, and new technologies in communications, apply now.

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