CALL FOR SPEAKERS: IoT in Predictive Maintenance

Meeting Title: IoT in Predictive Maintenance
Date: November 15, 2018, 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Location: Nokia, Sunnyvale

Open Opportunities: Startup Pitches, Product Intros, Demo Tables, Case Studies, Expert Panelists
Application Deadline: Friday, Aug 31 2018

November’s IoT Forum focuses on technologies overlapping industrial IoT, analytics, and connected devices in one of the highest ROI segments for IoT: Predictive Maintenance.  In the evolution of maintenance, we have moved from reactive to planned. Now, through technologies overlapping industrial IoT, analytics and connected devices we are approaching the ultimate goal of self-fixing. Predictive Maintenance is arguably the killer app in improving ROI, safety and customer satisfaction.

IoT Forum meetings pack dozens of introductions, demos, case studies, and tech scouts into 4-hours of interactive discussions and networking. 80% of IoT Forum speakers have next-step conversations with IoT Forum members and guests the following week.  If you are interested in presenting to corporate partners, telcos, vendors and investors who are looking for innovation, startups, products, and new technologies in IIoT, apply by Friday, July 27.

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