Meeting Title: IoT Logistics Innovation Review
Date: Aug 16, 2018, 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Location: TBD, Silicon Valley – Interested in hosting? APPLY TO HOST
Open Opportunities: Startup Pitches, Product Intros, Demo Tables, Case Studies, Expert Panelists
Application Deadline: Friday, June 15, 2018 
Draft Agenda Here  APPLY TO SPEAK


The IoT Forum meets in August to review innovation in Logistics together with 50+ members, telcos, vendors and startups to discover interesting startups, products, and new technologies working in the logistics space. The agenda will include startup pitches, product demos, a case study of an IoT solution deployed in logistics featuring a technology provider and their customer followed by a lunch discussion with logistics experts.

IoT Forum meetings pack dozens of introductions, demos, case studies, and tech scouts into 4-hours of interactive discussions and networking. 80% of IoT Forum speakers have next-step conversations with IoT Forum members and guests the following week.

How to Get Involved:
  • Startups: Young companies with early-stage products can apply online.
  • New Products: Companies with innovative, ready-to-buy products can apply online.
  • Case Studies: Technology companies who can co-present a use case with their customer please reply to this email.
  • Recommendations: Know someone we should invite? Simply reply to this email.

About IoT Forum: IoT Forum connects buyers and sellers of IoT innovation through regular meetings that introduce new companies and technologies using startup pitches, technology demos, product reviews, user case studies and interactive conversations with buyers. Members are committed to capitalizing on opportunities to partner with new companies and supporting growth of the innovation ecosystem globally. Our member list, meeting calendar, speaker application and list of membership benefits are online at

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