Call for Speakers: startups, thought leaders, and innovation wanted

Author: Telecom Council Staff

Call for Speakers Open!

Upcoming opportunities for thought leadership, demos, startups,
and industry speakers…

Call for Start-Ups

Wireless and Fixed Telecom Startups who are ready to
engage with carriers, vendors, and VCs on the following topics are encouraged
to apply to speak, pitch, or demo using our online application at the link

  1. Investor Ready fixed and wireless startups
  2. Trial or deployment ready fixed and wireless startups
  3. Retail
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. VoLTE
  6. Datacenters

Vendors, carriers, VCs, analysts or
non-startup innovators
who are able to share their thought leadership and
market insight on the following topics, as panelists, demo companies, keynotes
or moderators, please apply at the link below.

  1. Retail
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. VoLTE
  4. Datacenters

if you are neither of the above, but have some recommendations or tips for us
on any topic listed above, please reply to this email with your thoughts. Your
insight is always appreciated.

Call for Start-Ups

We appreciate your interest and opinions; please do not hesitate to contact us.

About the Telecom Council:

The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley is Where Telecom Meets Innovation. We connect
the companies who are building communication networks, with the people and
ideas that are creating it – by putting those companies, research, ideas,
capital, and human expertise from across the globe together in the same room.
Last year, The Telecom Council connected over 2,000 executives from 750 telecom
companies and 60 fixed and wireless carriers across 40 meeting topics. By joining,
speaking, sponsoring, or simply participating in a meeting, there are many ways
telecom companies of any size can use the Telecom Council network. For more
information and to join our invitation list, visit

current members






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