Call for Speakers in Cybercrime, Security, and Privacy

Author: Telecom Council Staff

Meeting Title: Deep Dive: Cybercrime, Security, and Privacy in the Snowden Era
Date: Oct 28, 2015
Open Opportunities: Keynote presenter, panelist (topic based on speaker proposals), rapid fire company pitch
Call for Speakers Application Deadline: Friday, Sep 4

About the Topic:

Although there have been worse times for freedom and surveillance, there has never been a time with more different vectors, threats, and technologies that can all pose a risk to our personal right to privacy. We are faced with constant malicious attacks from nations, stateless movements, criminals, and our own governments. And our beloved connectivity has eliminated the geographical separation which used to be a firewall. The threat vectors never sleep, never rest, and take no holidays. Truly, no data, and nobody is safe. Yes, it is awful.

Faced with this kind of onslaught, it’s not clear how we can best protect ourselves, our customers, our corporate data, trade secrets, and our money. Being scared into inaction is a natural reaction, and sadly is the path taken by many websites, retailers, and the US Office of Personnel Management. But what are the right measures to take?

The Telecom Council avoids discussing Privacy in-depth at most of our meetings, because it usually is a conversation-stopper for most of the innovations we love – think about it, many innovations are built on personalization and knowing the user better. Most of what we do has positive benefits, but also risk to Privacy. But not today. Today, let’s not shirk the responsibility to face the threats. Let’s discuss best measures to take to measure the threat, counter the threat, protect the data of our users, and protect our businesses. We’ll hear from speakers expert in these areas, startups with solutions, and from contributions from all those in attendance.

Audience Statistics:

  • Expected Participation: 75-90 Telecom Council members and guests
  • Breakdown by level of attendee: 30% C-level, 30% Director, 30% VP
  • Breakdown by industry segment: 30% Startup, 20% Service Provider, 30% Vendor, 10% VC, 10% Other
  • Sampling of participant titles: C-suite, VP Bus Dev, VP Innovation, Head Scouting, VP Strategic Partnerships, Founder, Partner, GM

How to Get Involved:

  • Speakers: To apply to be on this agenda please use our online speaker application.
  • Rapid Fire Presentations: We have a handful of 5-minute rapid fire opportunities – If you’d like to stir up interest from companies involved with Cybercrime, Security, and Privacy, please apply for a rapid fire slot.
  • Solution Spotlight Tables: Show-and-tell tables operate during all meal and networking breaks at the meeting. Your table will be located in the same space as the meeting, so expect a high volume of traffic. To confirm your table, add the “Solution Spotlight Table” option when you register.
  • Recommendations: Please recommend a person or company who will add value to this agenda, simply reply to this email.
  • Marketing & Sponsorship: To learn more about thought leadership opportunities or the lunch sponsorship associated with this meeting click here.

Meeting Details:

  • Oct 28, 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM
  • Host: INTEL, 2200 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054
  • Draft Agenda online here
  • Marketing: Promotion of speakers in 100+ online newsletters, calendars, social networks, and directly to 35,000+ Telecom Council subscribers

About the Telecom Council:

The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley is an organization that connects decision makers across the telecom value chain – from carriers and vendors to entrepreneurs and investors – to build relationships and improve the business of telecom. Here are a few links on the Telecom Council to help you understand it:

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