Call for Speakers in Cloud: Elastic Compute & XaaS


Meeting Title: Cloud Forum: Elastic Compute & XaaS
Date: March 9, 2016
Time: 8:30 AM – 1 PM
Host: Ericsson, 200 Holger Way San Jose, 95134
Open Opportunities: Keynote presenter, panelist (topic TBD), rapid fire pitch, lunch sponsor
Call for Speakers Application Deadline: Friday, Jan 15th
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About the Topic:

The cloud continues to shape the technology and social architecture of this century. It has lowered capital costs, centralized intelligence, offered scalability, worked in conjunction with mobile, and offered clustered computational power that was the realm of dreams just a couple of decades ago.

In our this Cloud Forum meeting, we’re going to look at the latest technologies in Cloud computing:

  • Data Centers
  • Microservices
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Storage
  • White Box
  • Clusters
  • Visualization

We’ll discuss the success of elastic computing, and then spend some time sorting out the XaaSs, and discuss the fastest growing ones.

How to Get Involved:
  • Speakers: To apply to be on this agenda please use our online speaker application.
  • Rapid Fire Presentations: We have a handful of 5-minute rapid fire opportunities – If you’d like to stir up interest from companies involved with Elastic Compute, pleaseĀ apply for a rapid fire slot.
  • Solution Spotlight Tables: Show-and-tell tables operate during all meal and networking breaks at the meeting. Your table will be located in the same space as the meeting, so expect a high volume of traffic. To confirm your table, add the “Solution Spotlight Table” option when you register.
  • Marketing & Sponsorship: To learn more about thought leadership opportunities or the lunch sponsorship associated with this meeting click here.

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