CALL FOR SPEAKERS: Autonomous Vehicles



Date: Friday, April 13, 2018
Location: Western Digital, 1051 SanDisk Drive, Building 2, Milpitas, CA 95035
Draft Agenda

Open Opportunities: Keynote, panelists, startup pitches, tech demos, event sponsor


About the Meeting:
The autonomous vehicle segment is moving fast—benefitting from improvements in processing, sensors, computer vision, and pressure from innovative startup companies, and giant investments from giant companies. This meeting will highlight companies and technologies that are working toward Level 5 Autonomony and the startups that are enabling it.

How to Get Involved:

  • Expert Panelists: Please use our speaker application.
  • Startup Pitches: Apply for a rapid-fire slot.
  • Demos and Demo Tables: Limited-availability in-room tabletop and parking lot demos operate during all breaks. Add a Demo Table to your online registration for $500.
  • Sponsorship: Event, coffee, lunch, and speaking sponsors are welcome. Contact us.
  • Recommendations: Know someone who can add value to this agenda? Contact us.

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