Call for 5G Smart City Innovative Applications

Telecom Council Member, China Mobile, encourage innovative 5G Smart City Apps to join the 2nd “Bloom Cup” 5G Application Collection Competition. Led by MIIT, and organized by CAICT (China Academy of Information and Communications Technology),  IMT-2020(5G) Promotion Group and CCSA (China Communications Standards Association) the competition is open to international innovators of world-class 5G smart city apps. Winners will not only get rewards and news coverage, but also enjoy the premier chance to be picked as city-scale trials/deals with Xiong’an (a modern template for 5G smart city).

Contest theme

The future has come, 5G empowers the digital wave

Submissions and Deadline

Participants, teams or individuals are encouraged to reach out to China Mobile Bay Area local team ( for offline submission details. Project submissions are also available through the official website of the competition, with applications due before July 31st 2019.

Competition background

As the 5G commercial footsteps are getting closer, it is urgent to explore innovative services that can reflect the 5G capability and can be put into use in the early stage of commercial use, and help 5G commercial use. In order to promote the development of 5G , under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Information and Communication Research Institute, IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group and China Communications Standards Association jointly hosted the 2nd “Bloom Cup” 5G Application Collection Competition (hereinafter referred to as the Contest).

The theme of this competition is The future has come, 5G empowers the digital wave, aiming to collect 5G applications from all walks of life in the whole society, to play the leading role of the industry, to explore the innovative design of enterprises and individuals, to brainstorm and strive to incubate a batch of 5G featured applications lays the foundation for 5G scale trials and commercial use.

Featured awards 

The competition sets 10 first prizes, 20 second prizes, 30 third prizes, and sets the best organization award, best popularity award, best function design award, best business value award, best social benefit award, etc. The selection of the winners of the competition is recommended as a national project. At the same time, the organizing committee will actively promote the cooperation between the participating projects and the project incubators of the competition to carry out industrialization incubation.

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